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Lance Cochran Honored for Work in the Community with 2023 Pro Bono Certificate

Partner Lance H. Cochran has been awarded a 2023 Pro Bono Certificate from the Kansas Bar Association. Pro Bono Certificates are given to lawyers who volunteer their time and services free of charge to the poor or to charities that provide services to the poor. Lance is recognized for his role in founding and leading a nonprofit organization that develops affordable housing in Central Kansas.

Founded in 2005, the Community Housing Development Corporation of Central Kansas (CHDO) aims to provide affordable, quality housing to low- and moderate-income persons while working to solve the housing challenges of the region.

“Reliable and stable housing is the cornerstone to moving out of poverty,” said Lance. “Anything we can do to improve housing is a long-term benefit to the community.”

In his role as president of CHDO, Lance helps the organization secure loans, purchase real estate and update its properties by working with local developers and contractors to ensure all the fundamentals are up to community adopted building codes for wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, siding, windows and insulation. The organization then sells and/or leases the refurbished homes to those in need of safe and affordable housing at little to no profit.

Lance dedicates more than 300 hours pro bono annually to CHDO, time that is divided between his role as president of the nonprofit, reviewing all legal contracts, drafting contracts for sale of renovated homes and providing manual labor in the homes.

Lance is steadfast in his promise to give back to the Salina community and is committed to continuing to give pro bono hours and personal time to CHDO for the foreseeable future.

The Salina Journal recently featured Lance and CHDO. Read the full article here.

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