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Jim Angell Featured for Providing Details on Navigating Family Dynamics in Farm Succession Planning

Kennedy Berkley Managing Partner Jim Angell shared insights on navigating family dynamics in farm succession planning.

In the article, Jim Angell speaks on his extensive experience in dealing with farm and ranch issues and emphasizes that his role is not to dictate how clients should transition their operations but to ensure their wishes are carried out accurately.

Jim Angell outlines the challenges of achieving 100% equality in farm transition, especially when some siblings continue farming while others move away. The aftermath of poor planning can be devastating for family relationships.

Jim and his colleagues at Kennedy Berkley aim to address these challenges and make transitions smoother, by providing alternative approaches that may not divide everything entirely equal but are perceived as fair.

In conclusion, Angell stresses the importance of proactive planning to avoid family disputes over land. Jim Angell can help you navigate the complexities of farm succession which requires a delicate balance between preserving family relationships and ensuring the viability of the agricultural operation for future generations.

Jim represents individuals and businesses in agribusiness and trust and estate matters, with clients ranging from family farms to commercial operations. With his trusts and estate practice, Jim advises high-net-worth individuals, farmers, and ranchers on estate, tax, and succession planning, ensuring their legacies and assets are protected.

High Plains Journal is a publisher of agricultural news, information, and analysis for farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness professionals across the High Plains region. For 75 years, High Plains Journal has delivered trusted news and insights that help its readers make informed decisions in the ever-changing world of agriculture.

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