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About Kennedy Berkley

Kennedy Berkley provides smart and effective legal counsel to businesses and individuals throughout Kansas and beyond.


Clients have turned to Kennedy Berkley for legal advice for more than six decades. From independent farmers and their distributors and brokers to financial institutions including banks and credit unions to persons and families in need of counsel, we are here to help those living, working, and operating businesses in the Wheat State. Relationships between Kennedy Berkley lawyers and our clients run deep, which allow us to provide strategic and tailored legal counsel at every step of the way.


At Kennedy Berkley, we combine our deep knowledge of the Kansas economy with our understanding of local, state, and federal laws to help you navigate business and legal opportunities and challenges. In every instance, our highly skilled lawyers take time to understand your specific situation and provide smart legal solutions. Whether you are looking to grow your business, solve a legal dispute, or navigate a family matter, the team at Kennedy Berkley can help.


When we opened Kennedy Berkley in 1961, we made a commitment to provide our clients with smart, effective legal solutions and to this day we stand by that promise. We are proud to serve Kansas and look forward to working alongside you.

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