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 You're held to a higher standard.
So should your legal counsel.

With federal and state banking laws constantly changing, who are you counting on? Since its inception in 1961, our firm has been built on our experience in banking, and it is one of the cornerstones of our practice to this day. Having been working with financial institutions for as long as we have, our team of attorneys are ready to handle anything that might come your way.

Serving Financial Insitutions

At Kennedy Berkley, we have a long tradition of representing financial institutions throughout Kansas. Our team regularly represents banks, credit unions, savings associations, and other institutions in a variety of transactions, like asset-backed loans, large multi-bank credit facilities, letter of credit facilities, loan participations, real estate loans, and secured loans.

We help banking clients with foreclosures, bankruptcies, and collection issues, as well as provide counsel tailored to the unique needs of your institution. We also represent banks when undergoing mergers and acquisitions, chartering new financial institutions, forming bank holding companies, and more. We can also help ensure you remain fully compliant amidst changing federal and state banking laws.

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