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Motorcycle Accidents

Regardless of how cautious you are as a motorcyclist, the risk of an accident caused by another driver's negligence remains a significant concern. A notable issue is that many drivers fail to adequately notice motorcyclists amidst traffic, or they don't give sufficient consideration to safely sharing the road. These facts matter because motorcycle accidents and fatalities are increasing.


Common causes of motorcycle accidents include drivers' failure to yield the right of way and their inability to recognize motorcyclists in traffic, leading to dangerous situations.These accidents are often not just minor mishaps but can lead to severe outcomes due to the vulnerability of motorcyclists compared to enclosed vehicles. When a motorcycle accident is the result of another driver’s carelessness or disregard for road safety, the consequences can be particularly devastating. Motorcyclist accident victims may suffer serious injuries, incur high medical costs, and face a long road to recovery.


In such situations, understanding your rights and the legal avenues available for recourse is crucial. It's important to acknowledge that, while you can control your actions and ride safely, you can't always account for the behavior of other drivers on the road. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else's negligence, give our Salina, KS personal injury attorneys a call to ensure your rights are protected.


Motorcycle Accidents can

seriously injury riders

Motorcycle accidents typically lead to more severe injuries than those sustained in auto accidents. In instances where a car collides with a motorcyclist, it's common for the car to emerge with minimal damage, while the motorcyclist suffers significant injuries. These injuries can range from broken bones and internal organ damage to more severe cases like brain and spinal cord injuries. Even minor accidents can lead to catastrophic outcomes for motorcyclists, including life-altering injuries or, in tragic circumstances, death.


Given the high stakes, it's crucial for motorcyclists to always wear helmets and practice cautious riding. Similarly, it's vital for automobile drivers to be constantly vigilant and mindful of motorcyclists on the road. Our team of skilled motorcycle accident attorneys in Kansas City is committed to supporting our clients through the aftermath of a collision. We understand the profound impact an accident can have on your life and are dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve. Our goal is to help you manage your medical expenses, facilitate your recovery, and assist in rebuilding your life with the dignity and support you need.

Following a crash, here are some key steps to take:


  • Prioritize Safety and Health: Immediately call for emergency assistance if you or a passenger is injured. Ensuring medical attention and notifying authorities is paramount.

  • Gather Witness Information: If possible, collect names and contact details of witnesses before they leave the scene, as their accounts can be crucial.

  • Collect Evidence: Take photographs of your damaged motorcycle, the accident scene, and any injuries. If you’re unable to do so, ask a family member to help. Remember, photographs taken by insurance companies may not cover all aspects and are owned by them.

  • Record Details: Write down everything you remember about the accident, including your speed, what caused you to lose control, and any pre-crash issues with your motorcycle.

  • Document Injuries and Losses: Seek medical attention promptly and keep a record of all medical visits, treatments, lost wages, and other related damages.

  • Consult an Attorney: Speak with a legal professional to discuss the incident. An attorney can provide tailored advice on your rights and options, guiding you through the process based on your specific circumstances.


Our team of skilled motorcycle accident attorneys in Salina, Hays, Dodge City, and Garden City is committed to assisting injured motorcyclists or bereaved family members in obtaining the compensation they rightfully deserve for damages resulting from negligent or reckless behavior. Our dedication lies in providing the support and expertise needed to navigate these challenging legal waters successfully.

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