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Agricultural Business Attorneys

Deep Agricultural Roots and Comprehensive Legal Insight

Kennedy Berkley, recognized across Kansas and the midwest, offers unparalleled legal expertise in the agricultural industry. Our skilled agribusiness lawyers represent a diverse range of clients. This includes agricultural cooperatives, grain farmers and livestock producers. We also work with equipment manufacturers, agricultural lenders, and more, covering all facets of their operations.

Our attorneys are not just legal experts; they embody the spirit and values of the agricultural community. Many of our team members have personal backgrounds in farming, providing them with an intimate understanding of the challenges and intricacies of the agricultural sector. This unique perspective fuels our passion for protecting family farms and ensures that we approach each case with both legal acumen and genuine care for our clients and their families.


Diverse Legal Services for Agribusiness

Our services span a wide array of legal needs in the agricultural sector:

At Kennedy Berkley, we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and agricultural operations. Our expertise in business entity structures is a cornerstone of our practice. We specialize in advising clients on the optimal structure for their business, whether it be an S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, or Partnership. Our approach is customized, taking into account each client's specific requirements, goals, and the regulatory landscape to ensure the chosen structure aligns perfectly with their business objectives.


In the realm of capital formation, our knowledge extends to the meticulous drafting of agreements essential for raising capital. We navigate the complexities of various financing channels, from equity and debt financing to private placements, ensuring that all agreements comply with the stringent securities laws and regulations. This careful attention to legal details provides our clients with the confidence to secure the necessary capital for their business ventures.


Our legal services also encompass the drafting and review of contracts, a critical component for any business. We place a strong emphasis on creating contracts that are not only legally sound but also clear and comprehensible. This approach helps in preventing future disputes and ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of their obligations and rights.

In the agricultural sector, lease agreements are pivotal, and our team is adept at handling both commercial and residential farm property leases. We negotiate and draft lease agreements that reflect the best interests of our clients, safeguarding their rights and ensuring fair terms.

Our proficiency in agricultural finance is particularly beneficial for clients in the farming sector. We offer legal guidance on all aspects of agri-finance, including lending, borrowing, and equipment leasing. This comprehensive support is crucial for the smooth financial operation of farms and agricultural businesses.


For farmers facing financial challenges, our expertise in farm bankruptcy is invaluable. We assist clients in navigating the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings, offering guidance and representation to help them emerge from financial distress.


Our services extend to land transactions, an area of critical importance in the agricultural sector. We facilitate the legal processes involved in the buying and selling of land, ensuring that transactions are conducted smoothly, with due diligence to protect our clients' interests. Our approach combines legal expertise with a deep understanding of the agricultural landscape, making us a trusted partner for those in the farming community.

Specialized Legal Support in Litigation and Governmental Compliance

Our litigation services cover:

Landowner and Business Disputes

Expert negotiation and litigation in disputes.

Product Liability and Contract Disputes

Protecting clients in cases of product liability and contractual disagreements.

Nuisance and Insurance Coverage Disputes

Resolving conflicts related to nuisances and insurance claims.

In government programs and regulations, we assist clients in understanding and complying with programs like the Conservation Reserve Program, managing deficiency and disaster payments, and representing clients in government investigations.

Expertise in Employment and Labor Law for Agribusiness

Our employment and labor services include drafting employee handbooks, advising on day-to-day employment matters, employee benefits, OSHA compliance, workers’ compensation, and wage & hour claims.

Agribusiness Lawyers with Real-World Experience

Our Kansas agricultural attorneys have experience working directly with agricultural production and related industries. This real-world experience is invaluable in understanding how laws impact your agribusiness operations. Our expertise in government programs and regulatory issues ensures compliance and maximization of available opportunities.

Comprehensive Agribusiness Planning

Our approach to agribusiness planning encompasses tax and financial planning, estate and succession planning, ensuring continuous adaptation to changes in law and tax codes. We also focus on property matters crucial for agriculturalists, including property taxes, farm leases, mineral leases, and collateralization.

Contact Kennedy Berkley for Specialized Legal Services

Whether you're dealing with complex corporate transactions, agribusiness challenges, or regulatory compliance, Kennedy Berkley is equipped to provide the legal support you need. Contact us for a partnership that values legal excellence and a deep understanding of the agricultural and corporate sectors.

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