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Estate Planning and Probate

Providing Peace of Mind for You & Your Family

At Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, we have extensive experience in providing a comprehensive range of estate planning services, including developing tax, business succession, and estate plans that successfully reflect our client's unique goals and individual aspirations. We are thoroughly experienced in a wide range of practice areas, including dealing with trust planning and administration, probate litigation and administration, individual and fiduciary income taxation, gift and estate tax matters, and charitable planning. Our estate planning attorneys handle all aspects of your plan, from straightforward wills to complex trusts, with an emphasis on helping each of our clients and their families ensure peace of mind. With our help, clients can trust that their assets will be passed to their intended beneficiaries efficiently.

Because our team has had the privilege of working with business owners, professionals, and other individuals concerned about the well-being of their assets following their passing, we have extensive experience in helping individuals of all kinds handle their estate planning matters and minimize the likelihood of unforeseen events delaying or preventing assets from being distributed to their intended recipient. Utilizing experienced legal assistants and advanced computer technology, we can efficiently build out our clients' estate plans to suit their unique needs.

Handling Your Probate Needs

Where an estate plan is a rule book for how a person wants their assets to be handled after their passing, probate administration is when those rules are implemented and carried out. The process begins when a triggering event occurs that is specified in your estate plan – usually incapacity or death. From there, the individuals mentioned must move, often quickly and decisively, to ensure the estate plan is executed according to the deceased's wishes.

This process can be extremely intricate and complicated, and our team of probate lawyers have years of experience in handling cases of all complexities. Call us today at (785) 825-4674 to get started!

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