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Focused on Assisting Landlords throughout Kansas

When you are a landlord, you want your housing disputes handled efficiently and effectively. Landlords simply cannot afford to have a property sit idle and not collect income. Tenants are granted a number of rights when it comes to occupying a rental property. However, as a property owner, you have certain rights as well.

Landlord rights attorney Lance Cochran can represent rental property owners concerning residential landlord/tenant issues, mobile home park-specific issues and commercial property issues all over Kansas. He provides skilled representation in a variety of matters, including all aspects of buying, selling, and owning real estate; evicting tenants; collecting past due rent; litigating breaches of contract and forming corporate entities tailored to the specific needs of the landlord.

Few things are more frustrating than a tenant who is unwilling or unable to pay but refuses to vacate the property. It is also a bad situation when a tenant breaches the term of the lease yet willfully ignores your requests to leave the premises. When these situations occur, it is necessary to terminate the tenancy and to bring an action to remove the tenant and to collect the amounts due. Having an experienced lawyer on your side to guide you through the process can help ensure that this gets done timely.

With our extensive experience in all aspects of landlord/tenant law, we can assist you with:

  • Drafting effective rental leases for both commercial and residential properties
  • Evicting irresponsible and non-paying tenants
  • Protecting your assets through the creation of corporate entities specifically designed to meet your needs for taxation and asset protection
  • Collecting past due rents from non-paying tenants
  • Helping landlords maintain integrity and profitability of their properties
  • Buying and selling real estate

We understand that your property is your livelihood. That is why we work so hard to resolve your tenant issues in a judicious manner so you can continue generating income. You can rest assured that we can diligently represent your interests every step of the way.

If you are a property owner who is having difficulty with a tenant, our collections attorney can help. With three convenient locations, we represent landlords and landowners throughout the state of Kansas.

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