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Skilled Counsel for Clients in Agriculture

Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson is recognized within Kansas and throughout the Midwest for our knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry. Our agribusiness lawyers represent local, regional and national agribusiness clients, including agricultural co-ops, grain farmers, livestock producers, equipment manufacturers, input suppliers, agricultural lenders and other ag-related businesses, in all aspects of their operations.

Our agricultural law attorneys grew up on farms or in farming communities. We are attuned to the lifestyle and rural sensibilities. We also understand that modern agriculture is large-scale, sophisticated and competitive, requiring solid legal counsel and strategies. 

Agricultural Law And Agribusiness Services

Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, Chartered supports the business of production agriculture. Our clients range from family-owned farms of modest size large corporations, including cooperatives, producers, wheat and beef operations, ethanol and energy co-ops, feed and fertilizer distributors, and more.

Experience and Areas of Expertise

  • All aspects of sector-specific acquisitions and mergers for farm cooperatives and farm-related operations
  • Agriculture contracts (e.g., production and marketing agreements)
  • Agribusiness formation and transactions
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Collection of accounts for farm cooperatives and related entities
  • All aspects of Agribusiness financing including Lending / Borrowing / Leasing
  • Financial and capital markets instruments used in the agricultural business
  • Employment matters
  • Litigation (breach of contract, liens, pollution, etc.)
  • Rural land acquisition and leasing
  • Environmental laws and licensing
  • Employment matters

This practice area serves clients in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, and beyond. With offices in Salina, Hays, Garden City and Dodge City, we are accessible to our clients and close in proximity to the markets and courts where businesses and legal issues intersect.

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